Best Western Ashoka – The perfect choice for all your corporate meetings

Hyderabad is known as the IT hub of India. It is also an ideal choice for entrepreneurs given its huge business opportunities. Corporate meetings are an integral part of the success of one’s business. Gone are the days when corporate meetings were held in mundane board rooms. Providing an impressive experience to your clients, directors, and stakeholders is important to have a profitable business deal. Best Western Ashoka is one of the best 3 star hotels in Hyderabad, which has all the facilities for holding corporate meetings. We provide all the required assistance for holding a successful business meetings. We serve as an ideal venue for holding any formal event. Choose The Best Western Ashoka and enjoy the following features:

Splendid Interiors

The conference rooms and corporate banquet hall in Best Western Ashoka possess superb interiors to provide you with the corporate and aesthetic feel. Interiors play an important role in any kind of gathering.

Equipped with all basic facilities and features

Be it a board meeting or a group discussion, team gathering or a training session, conference or a seminar, our banquet hall for corporate events have all the facilities to help you host your event in a phenomenal way. Our amenities include stage, auditorium, LCD projectors, television, video cameras, audio-visual set-up, super fast internet connection, etc. Our team will assist you in every aspect of your meeting to provide you with a seamless experience.

Huge capacity of meeting rooms and banquet hall

Our meeting rooms and corporate banquet hall is highly spacious to accommodate a large number of people. With great facilities both inside and outside the rooms, you should not worry about making your clients and attendees feel comfortable. We strive to provide you with uninterrupted experience to successfully conduct your business events.

Super fast Internet connection

Having a super-fast Internet connectivity is a prime requirement for holding any business event.  Our corporate rooms are equipped with blazing-fast internet connectivity. One can conduct un-interrupted meetings through audio-visual means as well. Accessing your emails and conducting the required research will not be a difficult task while your meetings are going on.

Required Multimedia Support

Presentations are an integral part of corporate meetings. Your presentation can help you in cracking that business deal if that has a lasting impact on your clients. Our banquet hall is one of the best banquet halls in Hyderabad ideal for all formal gatherings. We provide you with all the required multimedia settings (both audio and video) and requisite amenities to provide an impactful and inspiring presentation to your clients and associates. We use the latest technologies to provide flawless video-audio facilities. These facilities are available at our corporate halls at the most affordable rates.

Document Support

Documentation forms an important part of business meetups. Our team of professionals will assist you in having a flawless execution of your business events. Our professionals will provide you with all the required on desk services to help you successfully complete your business meet up. All your documentation needs will be taken care of without leaving out on any minute detail whatsoever.

Beverage & Snacks

It is a basic courtesy to serve your clients and attendees with refreshments after the meetings. No meetings are complete with great food and beverages. And who knows, that one great meal could help you in earning that business deal you have been aiming for. The Best Western Ashoka takes care of this thing as well. We will make the necessary arrangements to serve your attendees with refreshments. Our culinary team is an expert in preparing multiple cuisines. We can design the meeting menu as per your requirements and needs.

The Best Western Ashoka is one of the best hotels in Hyderabad that provides all the essentials of meeting rooms at the best prices. Our team will take care of every aspect of the meeting to make it a success. Leave all the arrangements on us so that you can freely concentrate on the meeting part. We know the importance of a successful business meeting so our services are nothing less than the best!

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